First Mortgage Loans

Are you a first-time, low- to moderate-income home buyer looking for a flexible, affordable mortgage to purchase a home?

HHQ offers a limited number of first mortgages each year to qualified buyers purchasing their first home in the City of Syracuse or limited areas throughout Onondaga County.  We utilize flexible underwriting criteria to help serious and prepared home buyers who have completed the 8-hour Homebuyer Education Course and one-on-one counseling through the Home Ownership Center at Home HeadQuarters purchase homes in neighborhoods we are working to revitalize and stabilize.

Interested in applying or have questions? Please call us at (315) 474-1939.

Clint and Ayesha Eversley are eager to call Syracuse their new home, even in the winter. Hailing originally from Trinidad and Brooklyn, they recently made the move from the Manhattan area up to Syracuse to not only be closer to some of Ayesha’s family but also for a change of scenery. They had begun to feel claustrophobic in their Brooklyn apartment and had concerns about their daughters' long-term safety in the city.
After having decided to purchase a home, the Eversleys attended Home HeadQuarters’ eight hour Home Buyer Education class. They both found it to be helpful in educating potential home buyers about the importance of securing and protecting their credit. “You learn from credit mistakes for sure,” says Clint. “Even having a cell phone contract – that can affect your credit even though it’s something small.”
Next, the couple came in and met with Shannon to get started on their first mortgage loan. The process of securing the loan and putting an offer in on their house proved to be lengthier than they had first anticipated because of a difficult experience with a contractor who had charged them a fee to draw up a proposal to the Land Bank. “That first day we came in to meet with Shannon with our proposal - that was a tough day,” recalls Ayesha. “We thought we had everything in order but it turns out we couldn’t use it even though we had paid $1,000 for it.” Shannon advised them that homebuyers should never pay for a bid, even in the case of entire house rehabilitation.
She also provided recommendations that apply to anyone looking to hire a contractor: make sure the contractor has Liability Insurance, Workman’s’ Compensation Insurance, and EPA and lead certifications.
In spite of these challenges, Clint and Ayesha continued on and with support from HHQ they recently closed on their new home. Now they can focus on planning Clint's man cave and Ayesha's greenhouse, and, most importantly, watching their little girls play in their safe and spacious back yard from the comfort of their home.