Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) Greater Syracuse is designed to streamline programs that address health, safety, energy efficiency, and weatherization. The initiative braids local, state, federal, and philanthropic investment into an integrated, comprehensive approach to better serve low and moderate income families in Syracuse. 

Community stakeholders, under the direction, organization and funding of the Central New York Community Foundation and with additional support and guidance from the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York, began meeting around promoting a new model of assessing and intervening in homes from a holistic approach.  This new model will help the Syracuse community save time and resources while increasing efficiency and, most importantly, improving the health and wellness of residents in our community. 

Home HeadQuarters
Home HeadQuarters is the Project Administrator for GHHI Greater Syracuse and staff the Outcome Broker position. The NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman awarded Home HeadQuarters funding to pursue the national Green & Healthy Homes Initiative designation and provide funding for more than 200 homes that will be undertaken through this new model of combining home improvement with health intervention.  

The Green & Healthy Homes Initiative® (GHHI®) is a national nonprofit dedicated to breaking the link between unhealthy housing and unhealthy families. Formerly known as the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning, GHHI replaces stand-alone housing intervention programs with an integrated, whole-house approach that produces sustainable green, healthy and safe homes. As a result, GHHI is improving health, economic and social outcomes for families across the country.

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