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Home HeadQuarters, Inc. is a local, independent 501(c)3 committed to creating housing and related opportunities for families in Central New York.

Nearly 98% of every dollar raised goes directly to help low-income families:

  • purchase homes
  • improve homes
  • revitalize neighborhoods
  • prevent foreclosure

By giving to Home HeadQuarters, you are supporting the revitalization of neighborhoods and communities across Central New York.

Did you know that kids who grow up in a family-owned home tend to:

  • do better in school, stay in school longer
  • have fewer health problems
  • lower incidences of juvenile delinquency?

Neighborhoods with more homeowners also enjoy:

  • lower crime rates
  • higher housing values
  • more civic-engagement from its residents.

Your contribution helps HHQ increase safe, affordable homeownership in your community!


Donate by Mail or Phone

To donate by mail, please mail your check to:

Home HeadQuarters, Inc.
990 James Street, Ste. 100
Syracuse, NY 13203

To donate by phone, please call Home HeadQuarters at (315) 474-1939.