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June 2017: Introducing Jassie Medina (again...)

The first time Jassie Medina came to Home HeadQuarters she was looking to purchase a home. She took classes, learned everything she could about buying a home, and then, with her husband, went and looked at what seemed like to her, a million properties with CNY Affordable Realty staff. Both Jassie and her husband became successful, first-time home buyers and concentrated next on getting to know Syracuse and reuniting with other family that had moved from Puerto Rico.

Some time later, when HHQ was looking for someone to cover its busy front desk, Jassie's "can-do" friendliness came immediately to mind. Jassie came to Home HeadQuarters for the second time as an employee, but had to leave after a year and a half for family reasons.

Now, the mother of three plus one, is back at Home HeadQuarters for a third time, keeping the always busy front desk together and organized. Her main focus these days, other than HHQ customers, is helping her three kids and her niece meet their individual goals. What is it about Home HeadQuarters that keeps her coming back? "I love helping all the people that walk through the door because at one time, that was me!"

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