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December 2017: Thank YOU! And YOU! And YOU, too!


Here's our list of some of the folks we'd like to send a special thank you to for making this past year meaningful in so many ways:

Thank you to the 800 people who took a deep breath and decided to take the first step to becoming a home owner this past year by signing up for one of our HomeOwnership Workshops.

Thank you to the City of Syracuse and others for fighting for vital federal CDBG dollars that make programs like our Emergency Home Repair Program possible. Over 100 families repaired collapsed foundations, non-working furnaces, leaking roofs and more with funding they couldn't find anywhere else.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Annual Meeting held at the former DeJulio's space and learned about our possible commercial "Foodprenuer" Hub project along with the Laci's folks and everything else we're working on. Thanks especially to all the new homeowners (like this family, with our favorite attendees under four feet tall, who purchased a Land Bank house using our First Mortgage Financing) who stopped by to celebrate and page through our Annual Report.

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped us make a difference this year including Board and Committee members, Block Blitz volunteers and all the various local businesses who volunteer to share their expertise for our Home Buyer Education participants.

Thank you to all our partner local financial institutions, like Geddes Federal Savings & Loan, who invest in Home HeadQuarters' FlexFund Home Improvement Loan Program. These investments allow us to lend directly to Central New York homeowners who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to borrow from typical financial businesses.

Many thanks to the Allyn Family Foundation for their support of our efforts through their Community Prosperity Initiative. With their help, HHQ was able to apply and be awarded funding through the 2017 Consolidated Funding round. This funding will help us to redevelop several mixed-use, commercial buildings in the City of Syracuse. The Foundation has been a longtime supporter of Home HeadQuarters and we have appreciated their encouragement of our work.

This Guy? Really? Well, he has almost single-handedly made sure that more than 160 Syracuse homeowners can rely on $1,000 grants to repair steps, windows and more through the SHARP Program at HHQ every year.

A giant thank you to NYS Homes and Community Renewal for announcing Home HeadQuarters as a funding recipient through the Small Rental Development Initiative (SRDI). Through this new initiative, HHQ will receive more than $2.8 million in HOME funds to help us renovate rental units in the Near Westside--including five Land Bank properties (Thanks to the Land Bank, too!).

And the biggest thanks is for YOU! Thank you for reading (almost to the end), showing up and most of all, for helping us strengthen and improve our neighborhoods, one family, one house and one block at a time.

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