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October 2017: "Never-Ending Joy" for New Homeowner Denise Welch


Nearing 50 with two grown boys, Denise Welch was perfectly content renting an apartment. The boys were "mostly" out of the house and she was comfortable with never owning her own home. That all changed when the apartments where Denise had lived for nine years informed her that they going market rate and not renewing existing leases. She quickly moved into another apartment where she was paying with utilities more than $1000 per month.

"Rents everywhere were high and I just thought, this isn't going to work for me," said Denise. Once month after she moved into her new apartment, she secured a realtor who told her to contact Home HeadQuarters. She enrolled in the HomeBuyer Education Course, signed up for a First Home Club at a local credit union and figured she was ready to go.

"Well, the first thing I learned was to slow down," Denise says with a laugh. "Then I learned so much about things like radon. I turned down one house after another because of radon."

Now, even Denise can't believe that in less than a year she is in a fully-rehabilitated four bedroom (or 3 bedrooms and one giant walk-in closet) home with a giant yard, a great front porch that her Mom likes to supervise and neighboring new houses also built by Home HeadQuarters on the city's Southside. Her impeccably decorated house has won the approval of her sisters and all who visit. Denise has even secured a home improvement loan through Home HeadQuarters to add a new white fence, new driveway and replace her sidewalks.

"The mortgage and the home improvement loan together are less than I would be paying in rent," she says. "With this home, I am just in a place right now of never-ending joy."

For more information on finding a fully-rehabbed Home HeadQuarters' home, contact MaryJo by calling (315) 671-6008 or email at .

PS: Denise would like it known that she and her Mom (pictured right) did NOT coordinate their outfits for the photo.

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