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May 2017: Mr. Ferrer Wants You to Know a Few Things About Owning a Home

When Leonides Ferrer moved to Syracuse from Puerto Rico in 2004 with his wife, son and granddaughter, he didn't think twice about renting an apartment.

He and his family had always rented in Puerto Rico with its high cost of living and owning one's home, being a rare occurrence for a small percentage of the population. A little over a year ago, Leonides ran into a friend who couldn't stop talking about classes he was taking at the HomeOwnership Center at Home HeadQuarters.

"I realized, after speaking with my friend, that in the long run, you end up paying almost triple for rent and you have nothing to show for it. I signed up for the classes immediately. Everyone should do this." said Mr. Ferrer.

In less than one year, Mr. Ferrer and family were the proud owners of a Home HeadQuarters' renovated house in the city's Court-Woodlawn neighborhood on a quiet, street filled with gardens and trees. Mr. and Mrs. Ferrer feel a sense of pride in being the first of their families to own a home and are already making some "renovation" plans of their own.

"Next step?" asks Mr. Ferrer with a smile. "We're putting in central air!"

Want to find out more about owning your own home? Visit the HomeOwnership Center at Home HeadQuarters here:

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