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Due to limitations and changes in funding supporting foreclosure prevention services, Home HeadQuarters is currently assisting only City of Syracuse homeowners, HHQ Mortgage customers and other first mortgage customers serviced through Superior Servicing with one-on-one counseling. Any Central New York homeowner facing foreclosure is welcome to attend the "Understanding & Preventing Foreclosure Workshop."


Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

You can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a foreclosure prevention counselor who will review your personal financial situation, discuss your options, and help you prepare your hardship application if necessary, if you are:

  1. A city of Syracuse homeowner facing mortgage and/or tax foreclosure
  2. A Home HeadQuarters First Mortage Customer
  3. A First Mortgage Customer with a loan serviced through Superior Servicing.

A counselor can help:

  • Create a budget that will work for you
  • Answer questions about the foreclosure process
  • Develop an action plan to help repair credit problems
  • Advocate on your behalf
  • Assist you in resolving your delinquent mortgage status
  • Refer eligible customers for legal assistance

Items you will need:

  • One month of pay stubs or proof of all other household income
  • Monthly billing statement from your lender
  • A copy of your photo ID
  • Most recent letter from your mortgage company and/or attorney
  • Bank statements for all accounts
  • Supporting documentation of your hardship (medical bills, emergency repairs, etc.)

Understanding & Preventing Foreclosure Workshop

Understanding and Preventing Foreclosure workshops are open to any Central New York homeowner who is facing mortgage foreclosure. It is a free, 90-minute class that covers:

  • How to fill out a hardship application
  • How to work with your bank
  • Financial fitness and your budget
  • Short sale, deed in lieu and modification
  • Filing a pro se answer
  • Settlement Conferences


How can you avoid foreclosure?

  • Complete and submit necessary documents in a timely manner

  • Continue to save money towards a possible resolution of your mortgage

  • Maintain a steady source of income and employment

  • Stick to a budget

  • Don't give up hope

It is important to seek help BEFORE:

  • You fall behind on your mortgage or tax payments

  • Signing with a private lender or investor

  • Signing up for a "program" that claims to make payments for you

  • Taking out another loan

  • Selling your home