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Understanding & Preventing Foreclosure Workshop

Understanding and Preventing Foreclosure workshops are open to any Central New York homeowner who is facing mortgage foreclosure. It is a free, 90-minute class that covers:

  • How to fill out a hardship application
  • How to work with your bank
  • Financial fitness and your budget
  • Short sale, deed in lieu and modification
  • Filing a pro se answer
  • Settlement Conferences

How can you avoid foreclosure?

  • Complete and submit necessary documents in a timely manner

  • Continue to save money towards a possible resolution of your mortgage

  • Maintain a steady source of income and employment

  • Stick to a budget

  • Don't give up hope

It is important to seek help BEFORE:

  • You fall behind on your mortgage or tax payments

  • Signing with a private lender or investor

  • Signing up for a "program" that claims to make payments for you

  • Taking out another loan

  • Selling your home